Corruption Prevention
Last updated: 14 October 2020
Corruption Prevention

HKAB works with the Corruption Prevention Department (CPD) of Hong Kong Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) to promote corruption prevention practices and foster a high standard of ethical culture and integrity in the banking industry. Members may find out more details of the corruption prevention resources / services as follows:

1. Corruption Prevention Guide
In collaboration with HKAB and other relevant organisations, CPD has developed the "Bank on Integrity – A Practical Guide for Bank Managers" (the Guide) for the banking sector. The Guide aims at providing a user-friendly and informative reference for bank managers and practitioners to enhance their awareness of the anti-corruption laws applicable to their business environment, with the common corruption loopholes/malpractices in the banking operations illustrated and preventive safeguards recommended.

2. Code of Conduct
To ensure that board members and employees of companies/organisations are aware of the standards of good conduct, CPD has developed a sample code of conduct for the private sector's reference from the corruption prevention perspective, which covers the rules/requirements on acceptance of advantages, declaration of conflict of interest and use of records, accounts and documents, etc.

3. Corruption Prevention Advisory Service
CPD's designated group "Corruption Prevention Advisory Service" (CPAS) provides free, confidential and tailor-made advice to private sector companies/organisations on corruption prevention. For details, please visit: