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Outward Remittance
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Last updated: 30 August 2021  

Many retail banks provide remittance services to customers who wish to make payments to destinations outside Hong Kong. Standing instruction is a convenient way to make regular cross-border payments. Customers may enquire with their banks about this service. Apart from making an application for standing instruction at designated bank branches, customers may do so remotely through non-face-to-face channels provided by their banks.

Remittance of social security payments to Mainland bank accounts by recipients/appointees of the Social Welfare Department's Portable Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Scheme (PCSSAS), Guangdong Scheme (GDS) and Fujian Scheme (FJS)

To facilitate recipients/appointees under the PCSSAS, GDS and FJS to receive social security payments without the need to return to Hong Kong, some banks in Hong Kong provide remote channels (mail-in, internet and/or mobile banking) for recipients/appointees residing on the Mainland to set up standing instructions to regularly remit social security payments from their bank accounts in Hong Kong to their designated bank accounts on the Mainland.  [Please click HERE to download the details]

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