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Electronic Statements of Account (e-Statements)
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Last updated: 27 October 2021  

In designing banking services and products, members are encouraged to give due consideration to these comments, as well as the Treat Customers Fairly Charter and the General Principles in Part I, section 2 of the Code of Banking Practice. 

In particular, it is suggested that the following practices should be taken into account with respect to the provision of e-Statements: 

(i) Banks may provide e-Statements to customers where the bank has explicitly notified the customer in advance that e-Statements will be provided and the customer is given the option to receive paper statements instead. At the same time as providing this notice, the bank should advise customers of the fees and charges, if any, if they choose to receive / continue receiving paper statements and the procedures to withdraw their consent for receiving e-Statements. 

(ii) The Retrieval Period for e-Statements should be sufficiently long to allow reasonable access by customers through e-Banking. Banks should therefore review and further extend the e-Statement Retrieval Period as far as practicable. 

(iii) When handling requests to close bank accounts, the banks concerned should, as far as practicable, remind the customers that if they receive e-Statements, they may wish to save or print their e-Statements before closing the accounts. 

Members are requested to be guided accordingly. 

These practice were documented in HKAB's circular "Electronic Statements of Account (e-Statements) (S/17/053)" dated 3 March 2017.

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