Open API
Last updated: 13 December 2021

Common Baseline

The Hong Kong Association of Banks ("Association") has developed a Common Baseline in response to the Open Application Programming Interface ("API") Framework for the Hong Kong Banking Sector released by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority on 18 July 2018. This 4-phased framework lays out detailed expectations on how banks should onboard and maintain relationship with third-party service providers ("TSPs") to ensure consumer protection.

With an industry-level Common Baseline to facilitate and streamline banks' engagement with TSPs, the Association hopes to encourage partnerships with banks with the support of the Open API technology, thus introducing more innovative banking products and services and enhancing customer experience.

[Download the Common Baseline]

Phase III Banking Open API Standards

The Association has developed the Phase III Banking Open API Standards which aims to serve as a facilitation tool to support the technical implementation of Phase III APIs, covering areas of customer authentication, user experience, data, technical, information security and operational standards.

[Download the Phase III Banking Open API Standards]

[Download the Consultation Conclusions]

Using Banking Services via Websites/Applications of Third-party Service Providers (Chinese Only)