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Last updated: 03 October 2023  
Press Release 10 September 2021

HKAB welcomes Wealth Management Connect Scheme

(10 September 2021) Luanne Lim, Chairperson, The Hong Kong Association of Banks, said, "As the premier international financial centre in Asia, Hong Kong is a trusted and natural gateway linking residents in the Greater Bay Area (GBA) to a world of personal wealth management opportunities. Over the past two years, banks in Hong Kong and the authorities have engaged collaboratively to ensure a smooth start for the first cross-boundary scheme focused on the GBA. As connectivity strengthens across the GBA, the banking industry will strive to enhance investor education, promote cross-boundary acceptance of qualifications and talent development. We are confident that Wealth Management Connect will become a popular choice among GBA investors, providing new impetus to the industry's growth."




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